Our Mission

Sisters Business is an oasis in Kathmandu that provides good coffee, and quality fusion foods all in the one location.

Sisters Program is a pathway into safe and fair long-term employment for young women living in Kathmandu. This program will address issues of human trafficking and re-trafficking.





Our Story

Sisters began due to the awareness of the struggle for young Nepalese women to gain meaningful employment. Because of this, many young women in Nepal are vulnerable to being trafficked. If young women do not have formal education or training, their lack of job opportunities makes them more likely to take false jobs offered by traffickers in India or further abroad. This results in labour, sexual or domestic exploitation.

Thus, Sisters Café is a sustainable avenue to provide young women with training and life-skills development to increase their employability. We complement existing Anti-Human Trafficking organisations in creating safe and fair job options.

Sisters offers ten women a year an apprenticeship to train as a waitress or chef before being supported to gain employment in a safe, secure & fair working situation. This may also include assistance to start an independent business and be self-employed.

During the Sisters journey, we hope that each young woman grows in dignity, confidence and hope as she sees herself as a valuable human being capable of contributing meaningfully in her own country and earning an income to provide for family and dependants.

Originally, in 2015 there was a pathway for women to join Sisters under a Beauty Salon program. This has been discontinued in 2018 as we focus our attention on the Waitressing and Cooking sections of our Business.

Our Supporters

Sisters Café & Beauty is owned by The Salvation Army, known locally in Nepal as The Salvation Mission.

The Salvation Army was formed in England in 1865 by William Booth, who believed it was essential to fight against poverty and social injustice. This remains true for The Salvation Army today.